About the Beagle 

The Beagle is an easy-to-care for dog, as it is a small and sturdy hound that is squarely built and a hardy breed. The Beagle can come in a variety of colors including black and tan, orange and white, and most commonly a tri-color. The Beagle's coat is hard and of medium length; hair grows steadily and rarely needs trimming.

It looks very similar to a smaller version of an English Foxhound with a broad skull and slightly rounded head. The muzzle is typically straight and square, and the feet are round and strong. The Beagle has a black nose and full nostrils that are ideal for scenting. Long wide ears are a pendant shape, and the characteristic pleading expression has made it famous. Brown and hazel eyes give it a love struck and innocent look, and the tail is carried high and tight; it is rarely curled over the back.

The Beagle has a characteristic bark that is almost like a distinct howl. While training can limit this obtrusive noise, the beagle is often on the hunt and uses this as part of its routine.

Highly intelligent and openly happy, the Beagle is one of the most expressive breeds. It is gentle, lively, curious, and sweet and manages to attach itself to anyone giving it attention and affection. This highly sociable dog is excellent for families with young children and will bond immediately with children and adults of all ages. They are also generally good with other dogs as well.

The Beagle's signature cry has helped with hunting and other outdoors sports for years. Hunting horsemen in particular attune to the loud baying cry of the Beagle but this can easily be offensive to neighbors and family members. Beagles must be trained to control their bark, and this may be especially difficult for younger generations of the breed. These dogs have an instinctive nature to follow their noises and will travel great lengths if they are left off their leash. It is best to keep them in a fenced in area with plenty of security and a watchful eye.

Beagles are intelligent, lively, and ready to learn. They adapt quickly to their environments and will pick up behaviors readily. They need to be socialized at an early age, and cannot be left alone for lengthy periods of time. They fare well in packs or with other dogs of the same breed, and thoroughly enjoy the company of family, owners, and friends. Beagles have very good tempers and a natural, gentle disposition. They tend to get aggressive during their first heat cycle but also adapt relatively quickly.