How it all works !



I get a lot of emails saying " I have never adopted a pup on line before. How does all this work and what do i need to do" Well I thought it helpful to add this page for your convenience. First off you need to decide on which puppy you are wanting to adopt. Email me saying you would like more information on the pup. You can at that time if you would like ask me to send you a pic of the pup with your name by it. Some will ask for a news paper or a particular item. I also do like to talk to the individual wanting to adopt one of my babies so please be willing to send me your num or call me yourself. After you are for sure of which one you want, You can then at that point ask me to send you a pay pal invoice if you are only wanting to do a deposit amount. The $300 deposit amount is a non refundable amount should the purchaser back out of the sale.  If you are wanting to pay full amount then you can click the buy now button and do so there.  If you dont have a pay pal account you can set up one or when you click the buy now button, It will give you the option to use it as a guest. The other two forms of payment that I accept is Western Union or you can over night a money order. If the payment is going to take a few days to clear or you are sending a money order, I will put the puppy on hold, giving your payment time to clear. If I send you a pay pal invoice, I ask that you send payment asap as the pup is not considered sold until payment is received  and I can not hold a puppy very long with out the deposit. If you are adopting a puppy and it is going to be a few weeks before it is to be shipped, you can make a deposit of $300 and the remaining amount has to be paid before flight arrangements are made. The $300 deposit is a non refundable amount. If you do adopt a puppy and there are a few weeks before it is to be shipped, I will send you up dated pic of the pup every 10 days or so. I do this as a courtesy to the purchaser. I will then need your name, address, phone # and the name of the nearest major airport you want the puppy flown to. This information I need for the flight and the vet exam on the pup. Our nearest major airport is 4.5 hours from us, so we only fly on Fridays and Tuesdays. I will receive the flight info for your pup about 5 days before it is due to be shipped. I will email this to you soon as I get it. You will need to take the information along with some form of I.D. to the baggage pick up counter at the airport. They will hand you your little girl/boy there. If you wouldn't mind I would appreciate a call or email from you letting me know that the little one made it there okay. These are my babies first and I do like to know that they have reached there destination safely. I do want this to be a most enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones. I look forward to placing a little bundle of joy in your home and life.  These little ones are truly man and woman's best friend.


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