Here are a few more pics of some of my babies in their new homes.






 He is now "Pepper" cause he's got a bite!! He is dang near housebroke already too, 

cause he's SO smart!!! LOL!! We love him SO much and he has fit in just great here. 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our home. The other dogs have 

warmed up to him and they are all friends now. I've been in the hospital 3 out of the last 

weeks, and he is helping to heal me more than anything the Dr's have done. We got 

him last Tuesday, not sure if you remember, but I was in the hospital until Friday and 

didn't get to meet him right away, but he and I hit it off as soon as I got home. He is a 

blessing...and so are you. Smiling face with smiling eyesDog face No better therapy than a feisty, needy lil puppy! 


                                                                                                                              Shawn A. Warren,





  I had an amazing experience dealing with Pat at Little Country Paws!  My sister and I  were on the hunt for the perfect puppy for my dad's birthday.  At first, I was a little  hesitant about our Sissy girl being shipped via airplane to the nearest airport, however,  after speaking with Pat, she calmed my fears and assured me everything would be  seamless and it was.  

    Pat was awesome to work with!  She was always so patient in answering all of my  questions and concerns.  She's professional and courteous throughout the entire  process.  She loves each puppy so much and it shows when you interact with her.  I  would highly recommend Pat to anyone who is searching for perfect pet! 

 We love our Sissy girl so much!  She is the perfect addition to our family. 

    Thank you so much, Pat! 

                                                                                                    Sarah Stagg





   Buying a puppy on line is scary, but we just refused to buy from a pet store and we did not have a local breeder who met our needs. We found Little Country Paws on line and saw a picture of our Ms. Cali ( Anna) and she just was "the one". We emailed Ms. Patricia and within moments she called, not emailed. She chose the personal touch. That set the tone for how the rest of our adoption went. Never was there a moment where we didn't feel we could reach out to Patricia and ask her questions or for an update on Cali. Such a wonderful feeling. 

If you have reservations about buying a puppy on line, set them aside when dealing with Patricia and Little Country Paws. 




   Hi Patricia,

Thought you'd like an update on Tucker.  He's now Francisco and is the sweetest little guy.  He 

LOVES playing in the snow and the grass and chasing our 2 cats.  We've completed 2 rounds of 

training and are finishing our 3rd next week.  Here are some pictures from the past few months.

Thank you so much.  We really enjoy having him part of our home.






 This is Nola, Oh my goodness, what a beauty. She loves her family and loves playing at the beach. So happy she went to a good home. This is what love is. 






          This Beauty's name is Archie, (AKA Koty). He arrived at his forever home in San Juan PR. on 7-11-2014 and is now a brother to a pug named Bailey. He is quite a character. He plays like he is a cat and sneaks up on Bailey, pouncing on her. Life has changed for the better for us since he arrived and we love him so very much. 





      Hello Patricia!


    We are excited to give you an update on Lilly.  Lilly is one year old now, and we love her more and more every day.  She is the most beautiful beagle, and she has the most adorable personality.  No one can make us laugh like Lilly can.  I attached a picture for you.


                                                                                 Lilly's new family, 










 This little guy was adopted by John and Pam from Fairway Kansas. John flew his personal plane into our airport in Pomona to pick him up. This is a pic of him at the airport waiting for John to land. 



 Here is a pic of John holding him right after he landed. He was so happy to get this little guy. 



 Here are a couple of pics of them taking off and headed home. This was very exciting for me to be able to deliver a puppy like this. John text me to let me know they had made it home safe and that Burt made the trip just fine.





 This little guy was adopted by our state representative for Howell county. He is very much loved by this family. Love's to take his naps on top of someone as you can see here. He was so blessed to of been adopted by such a wonderful and loving family. 





 Hey there Patricia, it's Jackie from Long Island New York. I bought Mandie around Christmas time of 2013 and just wanted to update you. She has been SUCH A GOOD GIRL. My dad is in love with her and she spends every second with him. She loves people and she has the best personality. She's around 35 pounds now. We rescued a 2 yr old pit bull so she can have a friend and they absolutely love each other. They're always playing and she loves the water. I can't thank you enough. She is absolutely beautiful. She is certainly a lover. She's perfectly healthy and my dad and I love her to pieces. Just thought id update ya! 





It has been a few months and I wanted to send some updated photos! When we
first got Hunter (purchased as banjo) in November, he had to deal with the
cold cold Alaska weather. He did well, but as you can see he is loving summer. 
 Hunter is such a loving dog and I wanted to
thank you again for raising such wonderful beagles!!!

He gets spoiled daily and gives so much love in return!

Can't say thank you enough!





 This Boston Terriers name is Sissy. She is such a loving little girl with a lot of personality. She was a adopted by a very nice Dr. and his wife and lives in West Plains Missouri. She has three boys that love her dearly and she loves to play with them daily.  



 This little guys name is Logan and he moved to Greeley Colorado to live with this little boy. As you can see his new friend is very happy to have him come live with him and by the looks of the top pic he has plenty of toys to play with. Thanks Carrie for giving him a good, loving home.


 Rascal (dob 11/7/09), and Dakota ( dob 3/25/12). They're both growing healthy and great. They get along very well. Thank you for the opportunity to get ownership of them. DeAnn



This is a pic of Lucy on our trip.  She's not allowed on furniture at home but she took full advantage of resting in nearly every canvas camping chair where we congregated. Thank you very much for our little girl. We love her very much.  





 This little pups name is Bo and as you can see he is very much loved by this family. The pic on the left shows Luke letting Bo sleep on his lap. Reminds me when my boys were little. My children were raised with beagles and you can't ask for any better of a pup to introduce to a child. Thank you Jen and your family for taking this little guy in and giving him a good home.



 This little girls name is Siera. She was one of the first one's I sold on line. She found a very good home and her new mom send's me updated pic of her ever so often.

 Hi Pat - thought I would send you an updated picture now that Scooter has graduated from puppy school.  As you will see my daughter graduated from high school so we thought we would have both in the picture.  Actually Kelsey was the one that took him to his weekly classes.  He is a smart pup - but has a lot of beagle curiosity in him which sometimes gets him in trouble : )   We love this puppy.  He is a wonderful addition to our family and he is playing tug-o-war with his older beagle brother as I write this note.  Again thank you for raising such a wonderful pup for us.  I look at your website often and can't believe Scooter was so little when we got him.  He is now 14 lb.


 This is Siera. She was adopted by some very good parents that take very good care of her. As you can see by the two top pic and the one underneath, she has the life of a queen.



 This little red and white beagle found a loving home with these two young men. He made these two little boys very happy for Christmas.




 This is Sara. She is a small little girl. She was adopted by this young man and his wife.




 This little girl is ready for the cold weather and Santa Claus.





This little girl's grand-ma bought her both of these boys for her birthday. As you can see here, she is one happy little girl.




 This little Rat Terrier male was adopted to help with pest control on this farm. As you can see here, Dukey made his new owners very happy with his first kill at the age of 15 week. In the first pic he is being introduced to Obamalama.




 This little girl name is Reba and she went to a very nice family.




This is Rascal after he graduated from  obedience school.  



This Is Gracie and her new mom April taking a nap. To funny, sleeping up side down. To cute.  



This here is Dexter. He is 10 months old and is doing great. Not a barker and a very friendly and loveable dog. He had just came home from the groomer here. We love him to death. Thanks little country paws for our little, sweet guy.  



 This ls little Luke at his new home. He is doing very well and his new Mom (Holy ) loves this little guy to death.



 This here is Banjo. He got picked by Alex to go live with him in a very loving home. Alex is very proud of this little guy. Banjo is doing very well and is a very happy little guy.



 This little girls name is Kyra and she is holding Copper. These two are best of friends. So happy when my puppies go to homes with children.



 They dont get any prettier than this little girl. She went to a very loving home. So proud to place pups like this in good homes.