This is Walker, He went to live with this precious little girl in TN. They are very happy with him and looks like he is def going to be this little girls buddy.  




 Dear Pat,

We are very happy to have Miss Lacey with us, she has taken quiet well to her new family! The vet says she is in good health. Thank you very much for raising such a wonderful, well manored pup for us. In the pic she is having fun at the river with our daughter Cloey. Lacey's in great hands with us and is very well pampered.

                                                               Thanks Again,

                                                               Lindsey, Micah, & Cloey




 Hi mama, 

I arrived safely! This really nice lady picked me up and took me shopping. She let 

me pick my own bed. I think I'm gonna like it here. 

Thank you for the last 9 weeks. This lady says you did a great job with me.


                                                             Tell ma and pa I'm doing Good.

                                                                              Love, Hunter






I am pleased to highly recommend Patricia and Little Country Paws. Patricia really cares about her 

dogs like they are her family. She spent over an hour on the phone getting to know us so that she 

could help us pick the best puppy for our family. I was impressed when she asked us to call when we 

got little "Annie" to make sure "her baby" got to us safely. Annie arrived in a nice new pink kennel at 

Denver International Airport and it was love at first sight. She was well cared for and had all her 

papers, shots and some food for us to start her on. We couldn't be happier with our little Annie. She 

is such a "family dog".

                                                                                                  Thank you so much.






Thank you so much for the great customer service! We have renamed Sara. She is now Lucy and she is already SO spoiled! Thanks again!





Thank you Patricia with little country paws. He has so much 

personality in such a little body. He's the best!




 Pip passed his physical today with flying colors. The Vet loves 

him and says he has a good bite. He is VERY well mannered at 

work and can entertain himself just fine. Everyone loves him. 

I got a good one!                                               






 This Little guys name is Colt and the big beauty that is with him is his buddy Gunner. Colt found his forever home in Florida with some very nice people and took up with Gunner from the git go. Love this pic of the two of them.  






Evening Ms. Pat; Dexter is the best and he turns 3 tomorrow.  He is a great dog and thank you again
                                                                    Joanne and Eric




 Skyler (AKA butch) is now home...he is such a bundle of joy, perfect health check from the vet, happy, full of energy, going to be spoiled rotten (but still trained!) and loved forever! I am so impressed with the whole process, who would have thought ordering a family member on line! Thank Goodness you did! We are very-very-very happy with our little bundle of love! Pat, thank you so much for caring for our little guy before he came to us, the love and attention you give shows in his attitude with us. Again, thanks so much!




 Thank you for such a wonderful pup! They named her KhoKho! Their names are Khyanne and Khimbra!



 Hi Patricia,

     my son is very happy with Koty (AKA Ruffy ). Thanks a lot for your prayers for my son.                                       

                                                                           Manuel. CA.





 Hi Pat,

      Thought you would like to know how things are going  in Boston :)

Here is a pic of Tucker (AKA JJ ) four months old. He is now 12 lb and 12 inches tall. He has just graduated from puppy education class and he knows alot of basic commands now. He is doing very well over all and the family loves him to death!

                                        Happy Holidays to you and your family.





Hi Pat
Here is a picture of our wonderful puppy. She arrived in tip top shape and is very
 loving. She now goes to the door and if in her crate she sure lets you know she 
needs out. She has been here four days and not one pottie accident
  She is smart, happy and healthy. You certainly have super Beagles!!! 
                                                                Thank you so much, Jackie


 Hey Patricia, we are so happy with our new pup, Boo. It’s only been a little over one week (9 wks old), but to our amazement, she needed to potty tonight so  she took herself to the doggy door without any coaching. Even though she’s still a little short to climb through easily, she did it all by herself. This little pup is smart as a whip! We love her so much!

                                                                                                  Jennifer, Ivens UT.



My name is Joann and I purchased a beagle puppy from a pet store.  Quickly I learn beagles need company.  So I check out littlecountrypaws website..  I fell in love with little Abby. (My granddaughters name is Abby too.)  Patrica answered all my questions and I felt completely at ease.  My puppy arrive on time in a very nice pet carrier.  It was obvious the puppy had been well cared for.  Thank you Patrica it was a pleasure working with you.
p.s.  we renamed the pup cocoa
                                                                                          J Kent  California


I thought you might like to see Sierra two years later – so I am attaching a picture.  She is a great dog – she likes to sleep on my lap in the evenings and then retires to her pile of blankets in the crate, where she buries herself into a little cocoon. She is smart as a whip – still likes to get into mischief.  Unfortunately my shoes are her favorite catchL  She has befriended my son’s cat, and they truly love playing together.  She is more comfortable around family than around other dogs or people.  She is timid in those situations.  Best of all she RARELY IF EVER barks.

    She has been fortunate enough to find a family that can and does take care of her medical needs.  She returns it with affection, kisses and loyalty. I would not trade her for the world.  I enjoy checking up on your website every so often, and seeing the babies, moms and dads.

                                                                                      Thanks!  Kathy G.  Florida



I would truly recommend little country paws to anyone, who is looking to purchase a pet. My husband and I were very pleased in the care that was given to our new beagle pup, when she was shipped to us. This breeder is very kind and understanding to any concerns you may have. She is upfront with the cost and willing to answer any Questions you may have. When we purchase our new puppy from this breeder. Our new pup was up to date on all of her shots. And she also came with ACA papers. Our beagle pup is very healthy and in good condition.

Thanks Pat for making our dreams come true. My husband and I just love her to pieces and we are so happy we got her from you. Now we feel that our lives are complete. It has been a rewarding experience for my husband and I. I just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us our precious baby.
Thank you Pat you are an angel and may God bless you!!!!!!!!!!


                                                                                       William P.   New Jersey



I have never written a testimonial for anything but my experience with you has been great and I wanted to share it. As a reminder, we lost our beagle unexpectedly to cancer the first week in November. We were devastated but knew we'd get another beagle in the Spring when training him would be easier since we live in New England. A couple of weeks passed and the pain was still great, especially with my wife. My two sons decided that Spring was too far away and my younger son, Tom, found your website. You may recall speaking with him a few times, which added up to two or three hours, and you graciously answered all of his questions. Just before Thanksgiving they surprised us with pictures of Toby that you had sent and informed us he'd arrive on Dec 16th. Those pictures were a huge help to my wife in minimizing her grief. Toby arrived via Delta Airlines with no problems and the crate he came in was great. He has slept in it ever sense he arrived and only
cried the first night. When I called to thank you and asked about any house training tips you gave me a few and told me he'd likely be housebroken in two weeks which, to my surprise, was the case. I walk Toby almost every day and heard from two neighbors that they want a beagle. After seeing Toby and hearing about my experience with you they asked for your web address. Toby is really great and everyone loves him. Three pictures are attached of him at the beach on Jan 1st. It was over 50 degrees!! 

Thank you so much for showing love and concern to potential customers and taking great pride in what you do. My God bless you.


                                                                  John S.     Massachusetts





We had a wonderful experience in dealing with Pat at Little Country Paws.  We were in search of a Beagle pup for my son for Christmas.  When we were unable to find one locally, we began our search on the Internet.  We were a little hesitant about ordering a puppy online, but after speaking with Pat on the phone, we felt more at ease and decided to proceed.  We did encounter a little complication, but thanks to Pat, everything worked out perfectly.  We chose our puppy, and found out afterwards that he had an umbilical hernia that was not going to close on its own.  He needed surgery.  Pat wanted to take care of this while he was still in her care.  She commented on how awful it would be for our kids to get a new puppy for Christmas and then him have to have surgery.  His surgery went well, but unfortunately, just under a week after the procedure, his stitches unraveled and came out too soon.  Pat gave our little guy extra special attention to ensure that he would be ready for us by Christmas as planned.  We were on pins and needles, but everything turned out just perfectly.  Pat was wonderful to work with.  We kept in close touch with her by email and phone, and she was always very quick to respond to us.  It was evident that she loved her "babies" very much.  I would recommend Pat to anyone who is interested in bringing a puppy into their home.  Our baby arrived to us happy and healthy, and he is showered every day with love and attention.  We dearly love our newest member of the family...Bosley Alvin Rayburn!  Thanks so much, Pat!!!
                                                                            Susan & Mark Rayburn


There is no way to adequately convey how wonderful Pat Huddleston is.

What began as an email and a follow-up call last May, has become, what my husband and I hope, a life long friendship.

We had just lost our wonderful beagle, Murray, and Pat spent, what seemed like hours, listening and showing such kindness and sympathy.

From our first conversation, we started "looking" at litters – and the rest is History.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

So here are a bunch of pictures of Maxie’s first day with us.

Every moment, from the first calls to the dozens of calls and emails since our little guy came to live with us, is a true testimony to the caring goodness of Pat and Little Country Paws.

Her tenderness and her wonderful Beagle parents are reflected daily in Maximillian’s loving, happy and healthy life he shares with Maribel the Beagle, Callie the Kitty and Curtie the Kitty (newly pulled back, from the hereafter, on a highway, by my husband (whom I often mistake for St. Francis of Assisi)

                                                                                  Thank you forever, Pat

                                                                                   Sincerely, Joan Sattler